Sunday, May 23, 2010

~Brake Up~

This years brake up was not very fun like last year and those years I was growing up. But it was kind of interesting because the ice was jamming and the ice was slowing down. Well seen some big ice plus people were fetching some maqi logs. Every year this happens people who maqi's fetch some good logs some would be big and some would be small. These pictures here was taken durning the brake up by Francis "my future husband" and me.

This is a cute picture of my sister Irene and I like this because it has the view of the ice and her.

This is taken by our jungle where we can see apaskiak airport from there. This is also a good picture because how you can see all the ice that stopped. If you can see also the sticks and wood that are with the ice here.

Francis, Nathan, Bethany, Andraya and I went off to the jungle to cheap out how much ice was back there. It was a fun walk over there but scary for me because we had these three younger kids with us.

This here is the jungle because with this big tree it has back there. In the picture is Nathan, Bethany and Andrea

Wow, this is me. I am here on the root of a log. My future husband took this picture and said he liked it because of the background and I also like it as well.

The other picture is Francis another picture I took that almost just like mine which I like.

The last picture I took and liked because of the sunset with these two guys Nick and Francis here posing like girls. I told them to do this because I was too bored plus this would be a good picture to show how our brake up was this year. Hope you liked these pictures and the comments I added them.

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